KBB Price Advisor

Fair Purchase Price: What Should You Pay For A New Car?

We have teamed up with Kelly Blue Book, one of the most recognized and respected 3rd party automotive resources in the US for over 101 years and have crunched the regional market numbers to give you the definitive resource for new car pricing, using an unbiased ("fair") third party sense of what you should pay for your next new KIA from us.

The pricing is updated weekly with the latest information, allowing the Fair Purchase Price to help you buy with confidence.


As consumers gain more and more visibility into the car shopping process, new opportunities have been created for dealers to differentiate themselves by understanding the needs of today's shoppers. 

KBB research has consistently demonstrated that shoppers want a fair price, not necessarily the lowest. We also know limiting valuations to a single price-point doesn't take into account all of the variables associated with structuring a car deal. This led us to our range-based pricing tool, the KBB.com Price Advisor. 

The Price Advisor reduces tension during pricing discussions by giving shoppers realistic pricing expectations with a range that shows what they can expect to pay. It's pricing that gives shoppers the confidence they need and the flexibility you require.

How Does It Work?

The KBB.com Price Advisor reflects the current market for a selected vehicle. Statistical models utilize actual transactions at the retail level to validate or revise the Fair Purchase Price every week as market conditions and consumer trends shift.

The Results

The KBB.com Price Advisor helps build trust and credibility between dealers and consumers. It effectively prepares consumers with realistic expectations, giving them the confidence to take the next step into our dealership. 

How powerful is it? 86% of users are likely to engage with a dealership after viewing the Price Advisor.



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